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Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge was designed with in-depth knowledge and love of Africa, its heritage and its wildlife. Our vision is to help people, from anywhere across the globe, enjoy the best that Africa has to offer with no compromises in either comfort or well-being.
With elephants roaring in the distance and hippos snorting in the river, the luxurious thatched suites, elegant design and gourmet cuisine of River Nile furnish a perfect base from which to explore this wild and beautiful area. There are no fences around the lodge, and our regular guests include elephant, hippo, buffalo, leopard and a myriad of bird species coming to visit. Gap, the elephant, is just one of the residents,whom we hope you will meet!
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Our Services

  • Restaurant
  • Health & Beauty
  • Swimming Pool
  • Conference Room
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Each meal at Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge, is an entire safari dining experience in itself. Nourishing food shared with good company amidst a beautiful bush setting replenishes mind, body and soul.
Our restaurant and bar offer a unique dining experience 3-course Menu (a’lcate), Bespoke buffet for groups above 10 people with both local and continental dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

We vary meal locations and themes so you can enjoy the stay from all angles. Our local and globally influenced cuisine is paired with the best African wines. Our chefs gladly accommodate all dietary needs.

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Health & Beauty

The Journey Walking into the spa that is situated in the Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge, one is greeted with a fusion of scents that automatically relaxes one’s tense shoulders and stiffness in the body. The crisp and spotless space invites one to comfortably slip into a session where the spa carers observe, listen and tend to clients in the respective treatments offered.

Quality sessions provided include neck, back, shoulders, full body massages, facials, scrubs, pedicures and manicures. Whether one is seeking to de-stress from travel which may a times be overwhelming, or looking to enjoy quality pampering, there is a treatment for everyone.

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Swimming Pool

The Oasis Escape,Nestled amidst the lush greenery and overlooking the meandering Nile, the Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge swimming pool became an oasis of tranquility. With crystal-clear waters inviting guests to take a plunge, offering various health related benefits, have magnificent views of the busy waterhole where the land lord’s wildlife gather to drink or take a bath.

The elephants in Nile breeze Bamboo Lodge have also taken a liking to the waters and you could be lucky enough to laze in the pool and watch the elephants come to drink from the around. The pool decks are the perfect vantage points to marvel at the breath-taking wilderness scenery with unimpeded sunrises and sunsets over the Water berg mountains and valleys.

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Conference Room

Discover the perfect blend of tranquility and functionality at Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge’s conference room, where productivity meets natural beauty.

The Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge Conference Room stands as a symbol of eco-conscious luxury, offering a unique and unforgettable venue for conferences, meetings, and events. With its breathtaking riverside location, modern amenities, and dedication to sustainability, it provides a memorable setting where business and nature coalesce, fostering innovation, productivity, and an appreciation for the natural world. Whether you're planning a corporate gathering or a social event, the Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge conference room promises an extraordinary experience.

Swimming Pool

Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge is a fully solar-powered lodge, which means that it uses solar energy to generate all of its electricity.

This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to operate a lodge, and it helps to reduce the lodge’s carbon footprint.

The lodge has a solar panel system that converts sunlight into electricity. The electricity is then stored in batteries, which are used to power the lodge’s lights, appliances, and air conditioning units.

The solar panel system is very efficient and provides the lodge with enough electricity to meet all of its needs. Even on cloudy days, the system is able to generate enough electricity to keep the lodge running smoothly. The use of solar energy helps to reduce the lodge’s environmental impact.


Making memories that will last a lifetime.

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