Onsite Camping Tents

Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge offers a variety of accommodation options, including onsite camping tents at only 50k. The camping tents are a great option for travelers who are on a budget or who want to experience the outdoors.

Guests can either bring their own tents or use the onsite tents. The onsite tents are located in a secluded area of the lodge, away from the main buildings. Each tent has one beds, a mosquito net, and a lantern. The tents also have access to shared bathrooms and showers.

Tour guides will enjoy free rooms per group in the tour guides’ quarters. This is a great benefit for tour guides, as it allows them to save money on accommodation and have a comfortable place to stay while they are working.

If you are a tour guide and you are looking for an affordable and unique way to experience Murchison Falls National Park, consider staying in the onsite camping tents at Nile Breeze Bamboo Lodge. You will enjoy the affordability, the proximity to nature, the flexibility, and the convenience of the camping tents. You will also have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other tour guides from all over the world.

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